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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Enjoy Some Monté Racing This Weekend

The Monté racing season kicks into a higher gear with three races in North America.  Tonight, the horses and riders will do battle in an exhibition race at Saratoga Harness while north of the border, RUS rolls into Hanover Raceway.  On Sunday, the jockeys and their mounts show up at Goshen Historic.

Many of you are aware of Monté America, the group which is in charge of the rules for RUS in the United States with the USTA being the record keeper of these races, but there is a group in Canada as well, called RUS Ontario

Each of these groups maintain a presence on Facebook and RUS Ontario is also on Twitter.

Why not check out each of these websites and see what is going on?  No, the product may not yet be ready for pari-mutuel racing at present, but with some additional support, I am convinced we will see riders and horses on the pari-mutuel card within the next couple of years.  In the meanwhile, the racing is enjoyable to watch.

Here is the last race at Hanover Raceway which was contested on May 11.


And here is a race at The Red Mile last year during the Grand Circuit.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope this remains an entertaining sideshow. People who bet REAL money could care less about wagering on this type of racing. Nice as an exhibition, but it's a total waste of time and money to promote it as a viable wagering opportunity.

Pacingguy said...

Respectfully, I disagree. I will agree as presently presented, RUS is not a product which can be wagered on as the riders need more experience and the horses need to be more seriously trained. This can be remedied with the advent of pari-mutuel wagering; I suspect that will result in an import of foreign trainers and riders who are well seasoned in the sport.

Once races are much more competitive, and after initially starting as a circuit (such as the steeplechasers), I believe horse players would be willing to wager on the product.