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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Risks of Racing Takes Out a Star

Betterthancheddar has been retired due to a torn suspensory and will be heading to stud once he has healed up.  No doubt this is very disappointing to his connections and some individuals probably are blaming this on "the damn Gural rule".   Yes, they lost out on this past breeding season but once he recovers from his injury Cheddar will be ready to go, whether it is in time for the Southern Hemisphere season or the 2014 breeding season in North America.

Does anyone really think his racing at four is going to impact his breeding career, especially when it ended due to an injury?  While he didn't win a race this season, he was 3-0-1-1 before this last start when he finished an injured eighth.  Maybe not a spectacular start to a season, but certainly crediblee considering he was taking on aged horses.  Anyone involved with breeding who doesn't consider Cheddar because of his 4-0-1-1 record this year is someone who probably shouldn't be involved with breeding. 

Yes, by racing this year, the owners now have to incur veterinarian costs they may not have had to.  But this is the nature of the business.  A horses could stand at stud and run in the field during turnout and break their leg (it has happened) and have to be euthanized.  Things happen when you deal with living beings be they racing, breeding, or even at play.  Unless you can put a horse in plastic bubble, there is always a risk of injury.

Here is wishing Betterthancheddar a speedy recovery and a very successful breeding career.

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Blaine said...

I like the rule. His injury had more to do with facing top company on a vicious 1/2 mile oval like Western Fair in the Molson Pace without the benefit of prep races. Then ramping it up with first up efforts in the Roll With Joe and Franklin Elim only taxed him more. Hopefully he'll be OK and be a successful stud.