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Monday, July 15, 2013

Field Drawn for the 1st Leg of the Hambletonian Day Monté Trot

Sixteen horses have been dropped into the box for the Inaugural Hambletonian Day Monté Trot late closing series which will be contested Friday evening.  With two $10,000 (divided) preliminary legs determining the field for the $25,000 final based on points earned, the racing should be competitive.

In a reversal of the usual, Ray Schnittker, who rides Flex The Muscle, is the lone man taking on the women riders.  Schnittker did win the RUS event with Flex The Muscle at Historic Track during its Grand Circuit meeting.  

If interested in watching these races in person, you need to get to the track a little bit earlier than usual as the first event has a post time of 7:00pm with the second division being contested after the third race.
Non-Betting Race 1 - RUS Trot - $5,000; Hambletonian Day Monté Trot LC - 1st Leg Division 1
Approx Post Time 7:00PM  

1 Master Pine              Helene Gregory         Julie Miller

2 Where`s Harry         Caroline Green           James Porter

3 Admirable Hanover Jennifer Connor          Janice Connor

4 Waldorf Hall            Jenny Melander          Jim Raymer

5 Pointe Of Honour    Tara Hynes                  Frank Scamporino Jr

6 A Penny Earned       Heather Reese            George Ducharme

7 Amoreena                T Enberg                     Pat Lachance

8 Chinese Cuisine       Tina Duer                   Brett Bittle

Non-Betting Race 2 - RUS Trot - $5,000; Hambletonian Day Monté Trot LC - 1st Leg Division 2
Approx Post Time 8:10PM

1 Motown Dreamgirl   Jennifer Lowrey         Robert Lounsbury

2 Flowing James          Emma Pettersson       Mark Harder

3 Flex The Muscle       Ray Schnittker           Ray Schnittker

4 Muscolo                    Michelle Crawford     Paul Kelley

5 Celebrity Playboy     Maria Andersson        Ron Burke

6 First Tail U See         Ashley Eldred            John Battiato

7 Sundance Bayama    Stephanie Werder       Henrik Lundell

8 Armbro Doyle          Ashley Eldred             Dawn Anderson

In a bit of sad news, it has been learned that Driver Leo Burns has passed away at the age of 98.  It was just last June that Leo Burns set the record for the oldest driver to win a race at 97 years young, clearly a record which will never be broken.  Burns had over 450 career wins and in excess of $400,000 in career earnings racing primarily on the Midwest fair circuit.


Anonymous said...

Mercifully (and wisely), they are non-betting events. If you are of the belief that fans are "turned off" by breakers, lack of "recalls", etc., than surely you can see how these unpredictable, "unhandicappable", and generally non-competitive events would turn them off even that much more. Fun to watch, but senseless to bet on!

Pacingguy said...

I think you are too harsh on what we are seeing. These are exhibition races. I and I am sure most participants of these events will be the first ones to admit the product is not worthy of wagering, now.

If states begin to legalize wagering on the sport, you will see horsemen and riders come over from Europe to find their niche hear and American trainers and riders take this a lot more serious and the product will improve dramatically. Then, I suspect the product will be greatly improved.

Watch a European monté race and see what it can be like. It is like night and day.