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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Before We Turn the Page to Hambletonian Week

Vegas Vacation came on late but fell short when Sunfire Bluechip (Yannick Gingras) won the $450,000 Adios  in 1:48.3, Saturday afternoon at The Meadows.  Sunfire Bluechip was content to sit in third past the quarter when he brushed up to take the lead.  Sunfire Bluechip, trained by Jimmy Takter had won his elimination in similar fashion.  

The other big final on Saturday was the Yonkers Trot.  That is where Deweycolorintheline won a break-filled race to pick up the lion share of the $450,000 purse in 1:57.3.  Getting to the lead was easy for Schnittker as third place Creampuff Mcdaddy almost wiped out the field with his break approaching the quarter.  At first you may wonder why Yonkers only gets a second rate field when offering so much money in a stakes race, but after watching this race, it's clear why many of the first stringers say 'No thank you'.  It's just not worth the risk.

Smiling Eli returned to the racing wars with a start in a 3yo Open at the Meadowlands, finishing third in his pari-mutul start since the trainer controversy broke.  It was a very good effort, all things considered as he was locked in coming down the stretch, never getting any opportunity to make a final charge.  I think he will be a live horse next week.

The Maryland Sires Stakes finals will be held at Ocean Downs on Monday, and nary a dollar will be wagered on them as there are four walkovers scheduled.  Each horse will stroll around the track to earn $56,925.  Walkovers like this is embarrassing.  Good thing they are being held at 10:00am in the morning when the public won't be around.

RUS News
On Friday night, the Meadowlands held the second leg of the Hambletonian Day Monté Race Late Closing series.  The first division was won by Chinese Cuisine, ridden by Tina Duer in 1:58.1 and the second division was taken by Pointe of Honor in 1:59.1 by Tara Hynes.

2nd Leg - Hambletonian Day Monté Race Late Closer - 1st Div

2nd Leg - Hambletonian Day Monté Race Late Closer 2nd Div

Based on points, these are the horses who will make the final provided they are entered (listed by points earned) on Hambletonian Day where they  will race for a purse of $32,800:

  1. Pointe Of Honour – 75 (25-50)     2. Chinese Cuisine – 62 (12-50)
  3. Motown Dreamgirl – 51 (50-1)    4. A Penny Earned – 50 (50)
  5. Muscolo – 37 (25-12)                   6. Flowing James – 28 (3-25)
  7. Amoreena  - 27 (2-25)                  8. Flex The Muscle – 14 (2-12)
  9. Sundance Bayama – 13 (12-1)    10. Waldorf Hall – 6 (3-3)
11.  Armbro Doyle – 4 (1-3)             12t. Admirable Hanover – 3 (1-2)
12t. Celebrity Playboy – 3 (1-2)

The final starter will be determined by lot.

Meanwhile up in Canada, the most competitive RUS event of the year was contested Friday night at Grand River Raceway where Riina Rekila won with Harlequin in 2:02.2 over the half mile oval.

When you see a race like this, you can see the potential of RUS becoming a parimutuel event.  My guess is we are probably a couple of years away from it.

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Marv S. said...

Re: MdSS walkovers. Maybe the Europeans have the right idea in de-emphasizing 2 y/o racing. We push horses to race way too early, then they break down. Or not enough of them are ready to race, hence walkovers. The breed and industry is not helped by 2 y/o racing. I understand owners want to make a return on their investment as early as possible (I used to own yearlings). Maybe the SS series should focus on 3 and 4 y/o series.