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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Afternoon Doings

Hanover Raceway in Ontario will be introducing their fans to racing under saddle as they will be scheduling a RUS qualifier to be contested during their regular wagering card.  Granted, a qualifier is not likely to be as good a RUS race, but still it is a way to expose their fans to RUS racing,  This qualifier has been requested so the connections may make a decision as to whether or not to nominate to the RUS late closing series at the Meadowlands.  If you are in Ontario and looking to race in RUS events this year, why not qualify under the lights?

Just when you thought things in the Godolphin scandal were going picture perfect, things have taken a decidedly North American turn with trainer Al-Zarooni appealing his eight-year ban from training in Britain.  Perhaps it was his admitting to his transgressions, including identifying four other horses which were treated with steroids but not yet tested which made him think his penalty would have been lighter.  Maybe he thought the racing board didn't consider his testimony where he thought Britain was like other jurisdictions where anabolic steroids are allowed under certain circumstances, such as in Dubai where racehorses are not allowed to race for 28 days after use, unlike Britain where they are banned at all times.  I am not doubting his story, but according to the BBC story, it would appear his actions seem to be belie his words..

Scioto Downs opens up tonight with ten races, with all races going with at least one trailer.  The first track in Ohio to benefit from slots have purses which will keep many horsemen to stay home.  With purses ranging between $5,000 and $25,000 quality should not be much of an issue.  It will be interested to see if Scioto Downs will be able to draw wagering interest.  Those unfamiliar with Scioto's betting menu should be aware in addition to the dime Superfectas, there are $.50 trifectas and a dime Super High-Five (9th race) in addition to the typical Pick-3s and Pick-4.  On Thursday nights, there is a guaranteed  $3,000 pool for the Pick-4.  I suspect the guarantee will be going up as the meet continues..

The Meadowlands has four divisions of the Simpson going on Friday night which would make ten great betting races.  Instead there will be four divisions with anywhere from six to nine horses.  One assumes the races were broken into four divisions to eliminate coupled entries, but by doing so, you have at least two races which are unbeatable.  New Jersey needs to eliminate the coupled entry rules so we don't have to dilute the racing product in order to avoid entries.

In addition, the Meadowlands will be offering a few late closing series in June geared towards horses that have raced at Freehold Raceway this year as well as C2 horses.  If you weren't classified as of May 17 in C-2, you are eligible to enter if you made six starts or more at Freehold.  Nominating fee is $100.  This should help ensure full card fields are offered,  Remember, it is ee

By now you have heard Woodstock Raceway has surrendered its license to operate.  This was not surprising being Woodstock is owned by Winrac, the same for-profit company that owned Windsor Raceway.  To tell you the truth, I thought Dresden Raceway, also owned by Winrac would have closed but they have decided to race this year, probably because their commitment is only for sixteen days of racing.  I imagine Winrac wants to keep their hands in the pot just in case things turn out better than they expected, such as the full casinos coming to the racetracks.

Lastly, thirty-one horses died in a fire in transport to a slaughterhouse in Canada.  As horrible as death by fire is, the sad thing is it may have been better than the fate awaiting them in Canada.

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