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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Mini-Staycation to Årjäng, Sweden

I received some photos from racing at the Årjäng Racetrack in Sweden.  These pictures come from this past Sunday's racing card, a day when there was no special races. 

To say these photos are relaxing would be an understatement.  Since most of us will never be going abroad for harness racing, it is time to bring the racetrack her from Sweden.  The Årjäng track has races for warm and cold bloods, monté, and ponies.  In the colder winter months, the track even hosts ice racing.

One thing I noticed about this track is the rural feel to it.  Make no mistake, we are not talking county fair racing, but a scenic, easy going feel; a place people go to enjoy a day at the races.  We are never going to get the crowds of yesteryear back, but if we had tracks similar to the one at Årjäng, a new generation of racing fans would likely become interested in the sport, not only as a respite from the busy schedules we face but also develop an infinity for the standardbred..  On the fiscal side, these smaller facilities would be less expensive to maintain than some of the current raceways which are in a more urban area..

Take a look at these photos and enjoy.

Horses warming up.  Photo by Anders Erlandsson

A fan getting ready for a race by sitting on the hill.  Photo by Anders Erlandsson

Field getting ready for a start.  Photo by Anders Erlandsson

Lining Up.  Photo by Anders Erlandsson

Relaxing under the trees.  Photo by Anders Erlandsson

Field coming out of the clubhouse turn.
  Photo by Anders Erlandsson

Making a move on the turn.  Photo by Anders Erlandsson

Post Parade.   Photo by Anders Erlandsson

Coming down the stretch the first time. 
Photo by Anders Erlandsson
Notice the crowd as the field fans out heading for home.
 Photo by Anders Erlandsson.

Fans taking advantage of the different viewing points.
Photo by Anders Erlandsson.

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