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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Morning After Briefs

After going through 250 emails this morning, with about 200 of them being Derby-related (next year I need a filter), here are some morning briefs for the morning after.

When people think of Churchill Downs Inc.(the corporation), they think of a racing goliath.  Well goliath may apply, but racing?  Not so quite.  Take a look at this article in the New York Times on how Churchill Downs has begun looking past racing and into alternative gaming.  It is annoying many horsemen but the truth is, no company can remain a pure racing organization and expect to survive.

The Wall Street Journal Marketwatch feature had an article about buying race horses.  Kudos to Chris Wittsruck for getting into the article to indicate what a bargain standardbreds could be

This week a trainer got set down and transferred his horses to another trainer; one with only one career start prior to this week. This new trainer may very well be qualified, perhaps working as an assistant trainer before their new assignment.  However, those conspiracy theorists will automatically assume 'beard' and you can't blame them.  There needs to be a way to track assistant trainers so when they get their big chance, often taking over a stable for a suspended trainer, people will think 'opportunity' instead of 'beard'.

Vernon Downs was shut down yesterday as EHV-1 showed up on the backstretch.  Horses can't get in, and can't get out at this time.  The said thing is there is a vaccine against this illness.  Watch as other track refuse to accept horses that raced at Vernon over the past few weeks.

There is a big debate in the horse rescue industry regarding purchasing Broker Owned Horses versus horses directly coming from the sale

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