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Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Year, Another Injustice?

Those who have been reading this blog for awhile know that I believe Billy 'Zeke' Parker deserves to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.  Next month, a screening committee meets to decide which individuals get on the ballot for the Harness Racing Hall of Fame and most people feel Parker will once again be bypassed.  That is a shame.  While I understand it is harder for an overnight driver to get into the Hall, having close to 11,000 victories should more than compensate for not driving in the 'big time'.  I believe his driving statistics show he belongs in there for you don't get those many wins driving cheap horses if you are not Hall of Fame worthy.  I also feel his ability to overcome what life has thrown at him makes his accomplishments even more amazing considering how many people in the sport who have gone through what he has have fallen to the wayside into obscurity.

When you think of it, why can't a man with as many wins as Parker get into the Hall of Fame when an owner who is fortunate to have a lot of money to buy horses gets in when their only contribution to standardbred racing is owning a famous horse or two that they bought (if they bred the horses it is a different story)?  There seems to be a serious disconnect here.

Anyway, there was an article this past weekend about Billy Parker and his problems regarding getting into the Hall of Fame.  Take a look, it is interesting reading regardless of where you stand on the issue.

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