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Monday, May 20, 2013

DRF Paywall; Best Browser for Viewing VFTRG.

PTP discusses how the DRF is looking to institute a paywall for their content, either providing the content free for those who wager through their ADW or are willing to pay a subscription to get the data.  As PTP mentions, if the DRF wishes to charge for the data, it is their right and quite honestly, charging for the data is probably the only thing which will allow the DRF to continue doing what they are doing.  In this case the fans of the runners will be impacted much more than the trotting fans.

Some people ask how do they leave comments or see them.  The truth is it often is a browser issue.  Since Blogger is owned by Google, the blog is best viewed by Google Chrome.  At times, if you just refresh the screen, it will show the messages; but it may take a few  tries to see it.  If you are just reading the blog entries, you can continue to use your current browser.

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