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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Cautionary Tale

You know how two years ago whipping became a real big issues and people said we couldn't change the way we do things, complaining when tracks or states changed the rules?  You know how this year horse rescue and retirement has become a big issue and the standardbred industry on the whole refuses to do anything?

Well, read this cautionary tale from the President of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors Association.  Explaining how he actually voted to support a legislative amendment to toughen the penalties for soring and similar methods which have been used by the industry to get their horses to show that high step move.  Even though he and his executive committee voted to support this amendment, the board of directors refused to endorse that vote, killing it before lunch on the same day.  The reason why, "It's the way we always did it".  What makes this a cautionary tale?  As the TWHBEA President stated: “Sadly, we have no more friends outside our industry.

The Tennessee Walking Horse industry has become a pariah to the horse industry; no one wants to associate with them, wiping their hands clean of them.

What has happened to the Tennessee Walking Horse can happen to the standardbred; we just need to keep refusing to change to reflect modern sensibilities and keep on doing things the same way they have always been.

Saratoga Raceway and Casino have announced plans for a $30 million expansion with a total of zilch being spent to improve the racing side of the facility.  Not that this surprises anyone but I bet you won't hear any horsemen complaining.  Just keep sending that slot money in and they are happy.

Grand River Raceway is cutting their takeout rates significantly across the board. 


Monica Thors said...

Allan, very well written, and a warning to the harness racing industry , and all should listen. Monica Thors

Anonymous said...

Just curious, does CalExpo have any whipping rules?
I have reported several "beatings" to the management with no reply.
Glad to see the Big M has cleaned up their act on whipping ! Mr. G is a class act and it's showing on and off the track !

Pacingguy said...

Cal-Expo Whipping Rules
•1) No driver shall use unreasonable or unnecessary force in the whipping of a horse, nor whip any horse causing visible injury, nor whip any horse about the head including but not limited to trailing horses, nor whip any horse after the finish line has been crossed except when it has been deemed by the Board of Stewards necessary to control the horse. The Board of Stewards will notify the State Vet to conduct any post race examination on any horse deemed to have been subject to unreasonable or unnecessary force.
•2) Drivers must keep one line, rein, or handhold in each hand at all times during the race except when the horse and driver reach the seven-eighths of a mile pole marker during the race.
•3) Drivers must have complete control of their horse at all times on the racetrack.
•4) The following actions shall be considered indiscriminate, unreasonable, and/or unnecessary uses of the whip:
•A) Any blatant or exaggerated movements of the whipping arm which will result from raising the elbow above the driver’s shoulder height and/or allowing the hand holding the whip to reach behind the driver during the use of the whip.
•B) The use of the whip other than the area inside and above the level of the shafts of the sulky and between the sulky shafts.
•C) Whipping under the arch or shafts of the sulky or use of the whip as a goading or poking device or placing the whip between the legs of the horse.
•D) Using the whip when it does not appear that the horse is advancing its position in the race and appears exhausted and/or not