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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Hijacked Entry - Introducing Brandi Carlile

I usually don't do this (in fact the first time since this blog began in 2009), but as author of this blog, permit me a little leeway in hijacking my own blog by going way off topic.

Recently, I was introduced to the music of Brandi Carlile who has blown me away with her skills as a songwriter and performer.  While she is classified as a folk-rock artist, she blurs the line between genres, fusing different styles of music.  Since introduced to her works, Brandi Carlile has since become one of my favorites and since I become aware of this interview she did with a local PBS station, I thought I'd share it with you. 

Watch Brandi Carlile on PBS. See more from Conversations At KCTS 9.

Here is a video from Artists Den's Spotlight Series which has Brandi performing a three song acoustic set.

To get introduced to her music, I would recommend these two CD's: Live at Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony, which is a unique way to get introduced to her earlier work; and her latest album, Bear Creek.  Of course, you may go to Brandi's website to learn more about her.

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