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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Horsepower The Movie

Note: One of the nice things about having your own blog is you get to control the content.  As such, if there is a time you would like to go off topic, you can.  Well, if you would kindly indulge me, this is one of those times, so please read on.....

A new documentary movie, called Horsepower the Movie, is in the process of being made but is in need of additional funding.  Horsepower the Movie is a documentary film investigating humankind's relationship with horses and the disturbing truths about rescue, slaughter and the current welfare of horses in America.  Don't think this is just an anti-slaughter film as it addresses the bigger issues.  It  is also the story of the American Horse.

Here is a video preview of the film.

Truth be told, I can't do justice in describing this film.  I would suggest you visit the website for the film for more information. 

The film is now at a critical juncture and is in need of financial support to continue production.  They are currently fundraising to complete the film and are looking for individuals interested in supporting the film.  If you would like to consider supporting the film you may go here to learn more about the project and/or pledge.  You don't need to contribute a lot to make a difference.   

Thank you for indulging me in reading this entry.


Anonymous said...

Your preview is missing.

Pacingguy said...

The preview I was talking about is the video clip in the post. I am able to get it.