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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gural Talks About Casino Gambling; Christie's Staying

I have been avoiding all the talk about the hearing going on at the Meadowlands today about the impact casino gambling would have at the Meadowlands because quite honestly, it is just political theatre.  Nothing is going to be accomplished as a result of this hearing as long as opposition exists in the state senate.  

But make no mistake about it, casino gambling will be coming to the Meadowlands.  As Meadowlands operator Jeff Gural comments in a television interview for NJ Today, it is just a matter of time until casino gaming comes to the Meadowlands; sooner or later either the Atlantic City experiment will implode, the state government will be looking for more sources of revenue and nothing is better than a voluntary tax (which casino gaming is), or the state will simply realize they can no longer let all the free money derived from gaming taxes leave the state and go into New York or Pennsylvanian coffers.  Here is the interview where Gural talks about the Meadowlands, Winners Bayonne, and casino gambling.

Those in racing hoping Governor Christie will move on from the statehouse to national office, must be disappointed as sources indicate Christie will be giving the keynote address at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  If true, history indicates the Governor will not be the Vice-Presidental nominee on the Republican slate, which means unless Christie is offered a cabinet position if Romney wins election, New Jersey horsemen will be dealing with Christie thru 2017, assuming he wins re-election in 2013.  Even then, if offered a political appointment, odds are Christie will not take it unless the polls in New Jersey start heading south for the Governor. 

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