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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Check Me Out Goes to the Oaks; A Modest Proposal

As I suspected last Sunday, Check Me Out is going to skip the Hambletonian in favor of the Hambletonian Oaks.  There may be no one horse standing out in the 3yo trotting colts and geldings division, but they are sure fast and they have parity.  Whether or not Check Me Out could have kept up with the boys is a matter of conjecture, but even if she did, it may have ruined her for the rest of the year.  Other than the purse money and history, the upside is limited as a broodmare can only have one foal a year, assuming she gets in foal.  One needs to remember while trotting mares tend to have more success against the boys than pacers, it tends to occur against older horses and not as a three year old.

One last thought about the Assembly hearings at the Meadowlands this past week.  Everyone is saying Atlantic City needs five years to stabilize itself.  Then lets give it to them.  Have a referendum for a constitutonal amendment legalizing gaming at the Meadowlands starting in 2016 which would give Atlantic City their five years to build up as a resort destination and pass the enabling legislation.  This way, racing knows relief is coming with a legislatively mandated start date and can open up their racino on day one; the casinos have their five years to ramp up and secure their legacy as a resort; the casino industry can plan any construction accordingly knowing slots will be coming to the Meadowlands so they don't spend money they wouldn't have knowing gaming was coming to the Meadowlands.  Seems like everyone gains something, everyone loses something.  Sounds to me like the best of all worlds.  Why do I feel it would never happen?

At the recent hearings in Washington, D.C., a thoroughbred representative besmirched those who are enshrined in the Trotting Hall of Fame.  I would suggest this gentlemen look at his own sport before besmirching harness racing.  Anyway, a response from the USHWA, the organization which nominates individuals and is in charge of voting has been made.

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