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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Notes, Connors Preview

For those looking for my Meadowlands Pace card selections, they may be found here.

Harness Racing Update ran an article talking about the failure of Governor Christie's Atlantic City policy.  To be fair, it is only three months since the Revel resort was opened for business, it will take longer than that to officially call the Atlantic City strategy a failure or success, at least through the summer months.  Make no mistake, the plans to revive Atlantic City will fail, if Revel succeeds, it will be other casinos failing as the Revel will cannibalize other casinos' already weakened financial positions.  The article talks about Christie needing to recognize the gamble has failed and allow for a casino in the Meadowlands.

The only problem is Christie will not admit failure, it is not in his DNA to do so.  The same way Christie and his supporters tout the 'New Jersey Comeback' which never was under the belief if you repeat the mantra long enough and have the money to get the message out it will be believed.  The same way he publicly bullies and insults those who challenge his message and policies at so-called town hall meetings (love fests); he is unable to admit being wrong.  Logic doesn't apply, in New Jersey so don't expect Governor Christie to change his position on gaming outside of Atlantic City anytime soon.

In case you missed it, Governor Christie for the second time in two years vetoed the NJRC minutes which allocated $15 million in subsidies to the state racing industry, half going to thoroughbred racing, the other half to the standardbreds.  Mind you, this is not a rogue racing commission approving  these susbsidies; they are permitted by law, a law the Governor signed.  Once again, the Governor has demonstrated it is his way or the highway. 

At yesterday's Senate hearing, Jeff Gural mentioned that until cheating trainers are brought out in handcuffs, cheating will continue.  The problem is you will not see drug cheats come out in handcuffs, and quite honestly, they probably shouldn't.  Racing has the power to suspend and revoke licenses of trainers because of the trainer responsibility rule which is possible due to the fact fines and suspensions are handled in an administrative setting.  To lead someone out in handcuffs requires a higher level of standard, one of proof.  You need proof that a trainer is the one who ordered the administration of the illegal substance and/or administered the substance, not some unauthorized person sticking a horse under the cover of darkness at night.  You may be able to have a perp walk of a crooked trainer(s), but until you have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, they will be back.  The moment racing closed the backstretches and encouraged ship ins, unless caught in the act, racing has aided the cheats in creating their defense.

It's no secret that racing in Michigan is on the ropes so when they hold a $100,000 race, it is a really big deal.  So in that vein, permit me to provide my analysis of Friday night's William C. Conners Memorial for three year old trotters.   Note the horses are listed in post position order.

8th Hazel Park - $100,000 Trot; William C. Conners Memorial - 3 year olds
   2 - Natural Forces (De Mull, 5-1) - Has been holding his own against the best on the grounds.  Possibility with a trip.
   1 - Duluth (R Wrenn, 10-1) - Has not shown much against stakes caliber horses.  Pass.
   3 - Fusion Man (Smith, 7-2) - Finished second to favorite, but draws better.  Worth a look.
   4 - Awsome Valley (Kramer, 4-1) - Elimination winner on three race win streak.  When you are hot, you are hot.
   5 - Louie The Fourth (Lake, 15-1) - Just don't see.  Pass.
   6 - Jersey Boy (Ackerman, 15-1) - Nothing to recommend here.
   7 - Prayer Session (Magee, 2-1) - On paper the best. Must clear early.
   8 - Gawain Nourrir (Hagmann, 8-1) - Must work out a trip.  Will he?
1A - Mr Candyman (Mcallef, 10-1) - Last was a disaster.  Seems over his head. 
Selections: 3-4-7-2



Anonymous said...

Sorry PG, as an NJ resident I love Christie. Yes, I don't understand his position on AC and gambling in general, but what he has been able to do with a Democratic legislature on pension reform and in getting concessions from the Teachers Unions is nothing short of a miracle. He is better than the last 3 or 4 Governors combined.

Pacingguy said...


I am talking solely about his AC and gambling position and his personality and methodology.

I happen to think some of the things he has done have been good for the state, though I believe his New Jersey Comeback is a lot of smoke and windows, but let's not get into politics un-related to racing here. That is a subject for another blog.