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Monday, January 9, 2012

Yes, I Deleted a Post

When it comes to the world of politics, things sometimes change where you have no choice but to delete a post. 
You may recall last night I posted an entry where I called for the Squeezing of Governor Christie on his anti-racing stance; requiring Senator Lesniak to remove the part of his online gambling bill which would give racing a subsidy.  Christie indicated that he would not allow any subsidy to racing "no matter what industry" came into New Jersey.
Well, those of you who read the blog earlier today saw my column where I called on people to try to destroy his political career if he didn't cut racing a break.  It was politely and calmly done when in reality I wanted to blast the Governor royally (to put it mildly).
Then the Governor goes out and says something like this:
"If after five years Atlantic City can’t get its act together," he said, "then I think it’s incumbent upon us to reopen the entire issue of whether gaming should be allowed elsewhere in the state, the Meadowlands or anyplace else."

In that case, the developer Jeff Gural, who has a contract to invest $70 million in the Meadowlands Racetrack, is at the front of the line, Christie said. "If he wants first crack at it, he’s earned it," he said.

Funny thing is, this was said in the same interview where the Governor made the comment which ticked me off royally.  It is amazing how two reporters covering the same interview come away with different things they feel important.

Now, if Atlantic City turns into a success, then racing is screwed as long as Christie is around, but I feel comfortable enough that it is highly unlikely to happen.  More likely is slots will be coming to the Meadowlands; it is a question of holding out for five years which coincidently is the point where Jeff Gural can opt out of leasing the Meadowlands and recover 110% of his capital expense.  I imagine this is not a coincidence.

So at this point, it is a question of the Meadowlands, Freehold, Monmouth Park, and even Atlantic City Race Course holding on for five years to see what happens.

If by some chance the Governor saw my earlier post, my apologies.  I was only kidding.

Pena Still Excluded:  As predicted, the judge hearing Pena's case issued no injunction today and will review the pleadings before making a decision sometime in the future.

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