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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something Fishy in Michigan

Remember, that big race fixing scandal in Michigan back in 2010?  Well last year the charges were dismissed against Kevin Wallis and Gene Piorski who were handed ten year suspensions from the ORC.  Now we hear that Brad Forward's five year suspension for race fixing has been vacated due to lack of evidence and Forward has been informed that he is eligible to apply for a license in Ontario.

Have you heard of any prosecutions in Michigan since charges were alleged to be imminent over a year ago?  Is this a case of people keeping silent, or was this another politically motivated witch hunt; after all this case came to light when the racing board was merged with the Michigan Casino Gaming Board and racing dates for all breeds were seriously cut thanks to former Governor Jennifer Granholm.  It may all be a coincidence, but horse racing fixing allegations have been used by politicians in the past for political advancement.  Could this fix have been 'discovered'' to account for the severe defunding of the industry and regulation ?

There are some drivers, also named and under suspension.   Art McIlmurray was suspended indefinitely by the MGCB, along with Don Currier Jr., Don Harmon, Wally McIlmurray Jr., John Moody, and Rick Ray as part of this alleged conspiracy.  If the MGCB feels the need to deny them licenses, fine, but they owe the industry and public an update on the status of the alleged race fixing scheme.

Congratulations to New Zealand's Driver Tony Herlihy, aka as The Iceman, for being awarded the honor of Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth for being the first driver or jockey in New Zealand to win 3,000 wins. 

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