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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pena Drops Suit

John Brennan of The Record reports that Lou Pena had his suit dropped against Jeff Gural et al without prejudice.  By withdrawing the suit 'without prejudice', Pena has the ability to refile the lawsuit, something which would not be possible if there was a ruling after a trial.

Brennan is unsure if the suit was dropped because he felt he had no chance to win or if there was some type of truce with the Meadowlands regarding his expulsion.  I know at Pompano Park, Pena claimed his expulsion from the Meadowlands was temporary to give other trainers a head start according to some senior officials, but I tend to doubt any such assurances were given.  If anything, there may be an understanding this exclusion is not permanent in that next year Pena will be able to reapply to race and if he keeps his nose clean, he may be able to race, but I would be really surprised to see his return this year with the possible exception of stakes races.

Bob 'Hollywood' Heyden returns to the Meadowlands tonight and Saturday to help provide coverage of the winter late closing series which are concluding this weekend.  Expect him to be in the winner's circle on Saturday for his interviews with the winners.  This is part of the agreement for Heyden to be part of the Meadowlands team for important events.

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