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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gold Cup and Saucer Documentary

You have heard me talk about the Gold Cup and Saucer for several years.  Now, a documentary has been produced about the 2011 Gold Cup and Saucer and the nine days leading up to it and what it means for Charlottetown.

It is a little over an hour, but definitely worth watching.

Exhibition Drive from Jeremy Larter on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

I have watched this twice today. This video shows why we, as standardbred owners, do what we do with so much passion.It's not always about the money and we should take much away from this track and the people there. We are the breeders of Blissfull Breeze and are so proud of him. Dean Nixon is a very humble man and we wish him well with future endevors.

Anonymous said...

I helped Dean Nixon and Cheri Mulcaster with Blissful Breeze and Fleet Sensation during Gold Cup Day and Night. What a wonderful experience. Being a Standardbred horse owner it was a wonderful opportunity to help out with such wonderful horses and wonderful people who brought them here. I was absolutely shocked when dean asked me to help out in the retention barn to keep and eye on their horses. I was also about to harness, paddock and cool out Blissful Breeze, eventual winner of the GC&S. Thank you Dean and Cheri , and Leo Racicot as well for the great and truly memorable day!