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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Breeding Decisions, Overflow Racing

Breeders deciding whom to breed to this year may have to decide whether or not to breed to a New Jersey stallion.  Right now, things are not great in the Garden State, but if you are a gambler, you can be making one heck of a bet this year if you bred to a New Jersey sire.  For example:

Governor Christie was quoted in the authoritative Newark Star Ledger as quipping “If Atlantic City can’t get its act together, we’ll have to revisit placing gaming at The Meadowlands.”    

This may not happen for a couple of years but herein lies-“The Gamble” as mares bred to Rocknroll Hanover and Muscles Yankee this year are part of the following scenario.
Mares bred in 2012 foal in 2013, become eligible to be sold in 2014 and eligible to race in 2015.

 By that time the climate in New Jersey could be altogether different than it is now and it’s eminently possible the Rocknroll Hanovers and Muscles Yankees could have a virtual Sire Stakes monopoly in what could be a slots enhanced program.
And that therein is the gamble! If one believes and many in New Jersey do- that Atlantic City is no longer capable of getting it’s “act together” due to neighboring State completion from Pennsylvania and New York, then one might reap unexpected rewards from the New Jersey stallions in the immediate future.

Actually it’s almost a sure thing as worst case scenario you’re still getting a Rocknroll Hanover or Muscles Yankee colt or filly at a reduced price which in itself is an accomplishment. And by the time it reaches racing age it might indeed have enhanced racing opportunities not necessarily apparent at this point.   
Breeders who ignore these two sires may be doing so at their own peril.       

On the condition sheet for this week at the Meadowlands is a race for $7,500 claimers.  What is unique about this race is there must be fourteen horses entered or it will be considered not filled.  This is a series which will continue through March 23, with an estimated $20,000 final.  If a horse is claimed during this series, the successful claimant must pay an additional $500 which will be added to the final.  The race goes for $6,500 for the first five finishers with an additional $900 to pay $100 for those who finish sixth or worse.  The race will be contested at 1 1/2 miles.  It will be interesting to see how horsemen respond and more importantly, how the gamblers respond if the race fills.  UPDATE: The race has filled and is carded as the 9th race this Friday.


shady said...

I love the 14 horse field and 1.5 mile race concept. A great way to drum up some interest in what would have been an ordinary cheap claimer. They better use the dime super for this one!

I'm assuming the same 14 horses keep coming back each week?

Pacingguy said...

I assume so. Being the top ten money earners in the series come back for the final, that would likely be the case. I guess someone can scratch out and maybe someone else can get in.