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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How is The Meadowlands Doing Thus Far?

While some people focus on the negative with the New Meadowlands, people need to give them a break; they have had control of the Meadowlands a total of twenty-five days, lets look at some of the positives thus far.

The Meadowlands is successful in drawing in more people to the track.  During the first five days of racing, their online attendance has increased 24.9%; no doubt some of this being helped by Free Fridays when there is no admission charge to the track and live racing programs are free (something that will occur all season).  But these people are not just sightseers as the on-track handle has increased 32.3% for those five days as well.  The overall Meadowlands pool has increased 1.8% over the same days last year with fewer races carded.  Maybe 1.8% doesn't impress you but considering how handle had been dropping, the increase is a welcome change.. 

Even those who have season boxes benefit.  The prices have been reduced by 60% over last year's prices with the same number of racing days last year.  So those regulars who come often are getting a benefit as well..

Yes, it costs $2 instead of a $1 to get into the track on Thursdays and Saturdays but that includes a live racing program so compared to prior years there is no net price increase.  The only difference is that everyone comes in getting a program.  So people who just come along with their spouses or friends, may crack open the program and make a bet; something they didn't do before.

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