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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who Are the Poll Voters?

The Hambletonian/Breeders Crown Poll for this week has been released. No surprise that Lucky Jim continues to lead the standings as the number one harness horse in the country, followed by Southwind Tempo. Muscle Hill moves up to number three (was number four last week).

Yes, a horse that qualified last week moved up in the standings. On an "impressive" record of two for two for this year with earnings of over $127,000 this year, Muscle Hill comes in as number three while Not Enough who is seven for seven this year with earnings of over $552,000 debuts in the poll tied for ninth.

Am I the only one who sees the absurdity in this?

Who are the voters voting in this poll? Are these people who just read headlines or do they have a vested interest in a horse doing well in the poll? Is Not Enough being penalized because she can only have one foal a year where a horse like Muscle Hill can cover a book of 120? If this is a popularity poll, then let's call it the Hambletonian/Breeders Crown Popularity Poll and be done with it. The results of the poll should reflect what has transpired, not what may transpire.

If we wish to be treated as a major sport then we need to have transparency with the poll. I am not saying we need to know how each voter is voting but we have the right to know the qualifications of the voters.

The fans and those in the industry deserve this.


Anonymous said...

voters are various people from the industry including, racing publicists & race secretaries

Pacingguy said...


I would assume that is the case but I think the public is entitled to know their names and positions.

No way am I suggesting that each voter disclose their votes but there needs to be transparency to ensure the poll is as unbiased as possible.