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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mohwak Super Stakes Night, Admirals Express

Saturday night is a great night of racing at Mohwak Raceway. Anyone that has a chance to attend should make an effort to do so. I am hoping TVG will actually cover the big races (they didn't cover the eliminations last week). Here is my recap of all the big races that night.

Please note these are the horse I feel will do the best, not necessarily the best bets (handicapping versus gambling) also it should be noted I don't follow Canadian racing as much as I follow it in the states.

1st Race - NA Cup - Consolation II
2 - Ideal Danny 2-1
5 - Mighty Me - 15-1
8 - Straight Shooting - 9/2

3rd Race - Goodtimes Trot - Final (3yotc)
2 - Duded Up - 9-2
4 - Federal Flex - 1-1
3 - Southern Rocketop - 6-1
Duded Up is undefeated this year (3 for 3; did not race as a 2yo). Federal Flex earned over $500,000 last year but Duded Up was more impressive in his elimination win so I am going with him. Southern Rocketop won his elimination last week but up till then was racing in state restricted races. A win by Souther Rocketop would not shock me but right now I think he is a good mid-west grand circuit horse.

5th - Fan Hanover Stakes - Final (3yofp)
3 - Shacked Up - 8-1
5 - Yellow Diamond - 1-1
2 - Windsong Filou - 40-1
Yes, I am picking against Yellow Diamond. Yellow Diamond is certainly the best 3yo filly pacer around but for $680,000 someone may attempt to take Yellow Diamond on early. In that case, Shacked Up may be the one to pick up the pieces with Brian Sears driving. Windsong Filou may pick up the pieces to grab third.

6th - NA Cup Consolation I
10 - Bay of Sharks - 5-1
9 - Nob Hill High - 8-1
5 - Johnny Z - 10-1

7th - NA Cup - Final (3yocp)
6 - Keep it Real - 3-1
5 - Well Said - 2-1
3 - Dial or Nodial - 4-1
While I love Dial or Nodial, I think his last two races were tough and it may take a toll on him. Keep it Real moves in and that may be enough to turn the tables on Well Said. I expect Dial or Nodial to take third. If Dial or Nodial wins this week he may be the 3yo colt pacer we will be talking about the rest of the year.

9th - Elegantimage Stakes - Final (3yoft)
3 - Elusive Desire - 6-1
5 - Celebrity Deville - 7-1
8 - Selfish Princess - 8-1
The first question being asked is how don't I like Windsong Soprano? Well Elusive Desire went faster winning her elimination and while did not fare as well as Windsong Soprano did in their respective divisions of the Casual Breeze, she went faster and had a more difficult trip. Looking for the upset. Celebrity Deville looked horrible at the Meadowlands but finished 2nd in the Casual Breeze and in her elimination of the Elegantimage to Celbrity Deville; she seems to be turning into a nice filly. Selfish Princess may get third to cause pain in the slight chance the bridge jumpers take a chance on Windsong Soprano. Bottom line, this is the final which has the best chance for a major upset.

10th - Fan Hanover - Consolation
2 - Ginger and Fred - 1-1
9 - Kabbalah Karen B - 8-1
6 - Notjustaprettyface - 10-1

13th - nw8000l6cd
The only reason why I mention this race is Admirals Express is in it. While he is no longer the horse he once was, the Silver Gladiator is always fun to watch. The fact he is still going at 13 is a credit to him. I understand he likes to race but trust the owners will know when to stop with him. He is a war horse that deserves people knowing when to say enough. The sport owes it to him.

Overall, a great night of racing. Even if you don't get a chance to wager, you want to watch these races even if you need to see the replays. Best of luck to those playing these races.

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