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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simulcast Pollution, Dan Patch Invitational

This Friday, The Red Mile is importing the signal from twenty-one harness tracks (in addition to the t-breds); Running Aces is importing the signal from sixteen harness tracks.

Do we really need to offer those many signals in a given day? By offering those many tracks all we are doing is diluting the mutuel pools making the races less attractive to serious gamblers. This over supply of simulcast signals is another reason why we need to develop racing circuits and limit the length of race meets. Yes, simulcast revenue is important to the profitability of any racetrack but if we were to limit race meets, every track would have a chance to export their signal and maximize their revenue from it and then import the rest of the year to increase purses when they do race.

Let's cut the simulcast pollution. It will benefit everyone in the long run.

This weekend has some great racing. Tomorrow we will discuss the glamour division (the North Americna Cup), but at Hoosier Park on Saturday afternoon, a strong field has been put together for the $200,000 Dan Patch Invitational. Mister Big, one of the best FFAllers in the country will be making his second start of the season against Winbak Speed (a winner of over $400,000 this year so far) as well as Southwestern Dream and Shark Gesture, both winners of over $100,000 this year. Will Mr. Big be up to the challenge this year in his second parimutuel start of the year or will one of the others be able to surprise him? The scheduled post time is 4:45pm local time. Don't miss this race in the excitement of the NA Cup at Mohawk.

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