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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Horse Slaughter Comeback?

There is a move to legalize horse slaughter in Tennessee. One of the arguments is that while the federal ban is well intentioned, there is an unwanted consequence of abandoned and unwanted horses being starved to death. According to the article, there is a move to have the federal ban overturned as well. This is the second state to have taken this action with Montana being the first.

Well, if it comes to a point where a horse needs to be killed, there is a humane method; it is called euthanasia. There is no reason why a horse needs to be put through the inhumane horror called the slaughterhouse. If someone can't afford to euthanize a horse, I would suggest they have no business owning a horse.

If you live in Tennessee, contact your legislators and urge them to vote against this bill. On the federal level, everyone should contact their representative and senators urging them to keep the ban on horse slaughter in place. You may locate your representative and senators by clicking on these links.

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