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Thursday, June 4, 2009

What are Racetracks Doing About Unwanted Horses?

An article in the NY Times today describes what is being done at Suffolk Downs with regards to horses no longer able to race. Finger Lakes has the Purple Haze Center for unwanted horses. Can anyone name a harness track with a policy like Suffolk Downs or a program like Finger Lakes?

Yes, I know we have standardbred rescue groups (there is a list of some of the standardbred rescue groups on this blog) but so do the runners. What are we doing to make sure the horses no longer able to compete are being directed to these rescue groups? I know it costs money to run these programs but certainly a small percentage of the handle can help finance these types of programs. If we are talking about smaller racetracks, they can partner with each other. Not only would it generate good publicity, it would be the right thing to do.

Am I wrong thinking tracks should be having this type of rescue programs? If you are aware of a harness track having a program similar to Suffolk Downs or Finger Lakes, let me know. They deserve to be recognized.

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