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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Win for the Bettors, A Win for the Sport and A Win for the Horses

Sometimes you see a good idea elsewhere and wonder why no one copies it. For many years, the greyhound industry has had a simulcast event called "A Night of Champions" to benefit greyhound rescue. Basically, a card was created of races at various greyhound tracks using the best greyhounds on the grounds with proceeds being donated to greyhound rescue efforts.

Why hasn't harness racing had an event like this or more importantly, why don't we do it? It shouldn't be that difficult to set up. The card will contain ten to twelve races from various tracks featuring the best horses on the grounds and the card will be offered to all racetracks and ADWs.

  • Wagers will still go to each track's pools but the horsemen and tracks from the sending and receiving tracks will give up their portion of the betting handle on the races which comprise this special card.
  • ADWs will be asked to give up any rights to exclusitivity for any race which is part of this card. Hopefully the ADWs will donate their portion of the wagering for the benefit of the horses.
  • Trackmaster will be asked to participate by allowing the program for this event to be availble online and at the track for no charge.
  • If possible, the tracks will get together and guarantee a minimum on the Pick-4 and Pick-6.

Think of it, horse rescue groups gain needed funding plus an awareness of these groups is raised (perhaps kiosks can be set up at any track hosting or taking the simulcast). Tracks gain good publicity; who knows perhaps owners will be willing to donate a portion of the purse and drivers and trainers will be willing to give up their fees for the one race which is part of this program. Bettors get challenged by having to wager on races with top horses at each track and have to deal with handicapping races on a 1/2, 5/8 and mile ovals providing better payoffs.

It seems so simple. Hopefully, we can see something like this take place.

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