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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Harrisburg Sale Through Day Three

Looking further into how individual stallions are faring in Harrisburg, after the completion of day three of the yearling portion of the sale, the overall average was down about 20% from what it was after day two—not unusual. Most of the yearlings by Muscle Hill and SBSW had been sold on Monday and Tuesday; only four Muscle Hills and a pair by SBSW sold on Wednesday. It was up to lesser lights to carry the load.

Western Terror sold more yearlings than any other stallion in Lexington; 41 of them averaged a paltry $15,146, with the only outlier being a $77,000 filly purchased by Casie Coleman. Only 15 have changed hands thus far in Harrisburg, but the results have been somewhat schizophrenic. His overall average sits above $41,000, which is quite an improvement, but nine of the 15 sold brought $25,000 or less, with four bringing less than $10,000. On the other hand, a filly out of a sister to Shanghai Lil and Bolt The Duer sold for $200,000, while a colt went for $100,000.

A baker’s dozen by Bettor’s Delight have sold for $50,000 or more; they’re viable candidates for the Grand Circuit and the OSS. His overall average is $45,516 after three days—down 12% from what it was after the second session. What about the competition for OSS dollars? Shadow Play is struggling. The 11 sold are averaging a shade over $17,000, with a $40,000 colt representing the top of his offering thus far. Only two have brought more than $25,000. Sportswriter is doing better than that, but there are no parades planned in his honor. Nine are averaging $38,611. A colt brought $50,000 and a filly $72,000. The rest are scattered between $12,000 and $33,000. He had a great year in the OSS and his fee just jumped 60%, so I guess a little more may have been expected.

American Ideal wasn’t helped by the sale of seven more of his get on Wednesday; as a matter of fact, his average, which was already a sore spot, dropped 13% to $25,462. 61% of them have failed to bring more than $25,000.

Art Major, the sire of HOY candidate JK She’salady and her big brother JK Endofanera, has sold 28 for an average of $39,536. He averaged about $55,000 at this sale last year, on the strength of high profile performances by Precocious Beauty, Feel Like A Fool and She’s Da Bomb. And he averaged $47,000 for 26 sold in Lexington in October. Seven have brought more than $50,000, with two of those exceeding the $100,000 mark. None of the 13 fillies sold brought $50,000 or more. Considering the immediate success of his offspring the results seem a little soft, particularly on the distaff side.

A sire who is lopsided in the other direction is Kadabra. Last year’s HOY Bee A Magician is his best filly, while Daylon Magician is his top son. It’s no surprise that buyers want the fillies more than the colts. His overall average stands at almost $47,000 for 33 sold. The 11 colts are averaging $24,000 while the 22 fillies are averaging more than twice that. The top colt sold for $50,000, while 10 fillies topped $50,000 with five of them selling for more than $100,000. Tara Hills should offer that dual pricing plan that used to be in effect for certain stallions where the breeder paid half as much if they got a filly. In this case half for a colt.

Dragon Again, who has moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio at a reduced fee is colt centric, and he has 29 fillies for sale in Harrisburg. Talk about starting off on the wrong foot. His overall average is a slim $25,000 for the 31 sold thus far. This crop is still Pennsylvania eligible. Ohio eligibility can’t come fast enough.

First crop stallion Big Jim averaged a disappointing $29,000 for a small offering in Lexington. He hadn’t sold well at the Canadian sales either. He’s averaging $33,000 for 13 sold to this point in Harrisburg. Three have topped $50,000, with a $72,000 colt leading the way. He’ll face stiff opposition from Bettor’s Delight, Sportswriter, Shadow Play and Mach Three in the OSS.

There are 28 by the Ontario based stallion Badlands Hanover for sale. God only knows why. Fifteen have moved so far for a disappointing $14,900 average. Ten by Mach Three are averaging $33,700.

Muscle Massive, who stands for $6,000 at Hanover, sells his second crop. Thus far 24 are averaging $27,208. None have topped $100,000; 20% have sold for $50,000 or more; a disappointing 58% have brought $25,000 or less.

Fifteen by Rock N Roll Heaven are averaging almost $45,000. A colt and a filly topped $100,000; a third of them sold for $50,000 or more. Last year 33 averaged $48,000 at this sale. There are nine more to sell. In October the sire of Sassa Hanover and Band Of Angels offered 11 as opposed to 28 last year at Lexington, and his average was down 27%. Maybe Santa will bring him some top tier sons for Christmas.

The ten more by Roll With Joe that sold today didn’t help him as his average dropped 20% to $36,111. Ten will sell tomorrow. Two colts have topped $100,000. Six, or 22%, have sold for at least $50,000. A dozen, or 44%, have failed to bring more than $25,000.

Credit Winner is still going strong with 21 averaging more than $67,000. Cantab Hall sold eight more today and is averaging $44,288.

Someone paid $110,000 for a filly by Dewey and this has raised his average above $25,000, but nine of the 12 sold have failed to top $25,000.

Joe FitzGerald

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