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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Palone on Top of the World

Congratulations to Driver Dave Palone for breaking the world record for the number of driving wins which was perviously held by German Driver Heinz Werwering who now concentrates on training and drives a limited number of races.  The new record is 16,754 and counting as Palone remains active at the Meadows and Grand Circuit.  It is possible the lead may go between the two for a brief period but with Palone continuing his full-time schedule, in the long run the record will remain his.

Here is a video clip put together to commemorate the auspicious moment.

My only fault with this commemoration is the picture of the tarmac which showed about six people outside to see the moment of history.  Granted it was cold at the Meadows last night but in the old days you certainly would have had more than six people or so on the tarmac.  I would have left that shot out of the final product before posting it.

That said, let's not have an editing decision take away from the moment.  Congratulations to Dave Palone, world champion driver.

The Meadowlands opened last night and admittedly, the handle was disappointing with a little over $2 million wagered for the evening.  I suspect part of it is due to the cold weather finally reaching the East Coast and the opening night card featuring Breeders Crown eliminations.  It is always tough to start a meet with horses shipping in from all over and with some layoffs, but when you have short fields of 8 horses, it doesn't make for compelling wagering events.

On the racing front, JK She'salady continues on her march to solidify her credentials as prospective horse of the year candidate with her victor last night in her Breeders Crown elimination, winning in 1:55.1,

Interesting qualifier this morning at the Meadowlands as in the fourth race, Creatine is in against Commander Crowe.  It is only a qualifier, but the race should still be spirited.  Meanwhile, in the second qualifier, Father Patrick is looking to regain some of his magic today preparing for the Breeders Crown.

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