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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Part Two Of Harrisburg Yearling Sale Review

Continuing our look at the yearling portion of the Harrisburg sale, eight-year-old Explosive Matter sold 38 for an average of $26,171. This is up from last year when 42 sold for an average of $22,571 at this sale. (That was the largest offering of any trotting sire in Harrisburg in 2013.) Only five sold in Lexington, for a $31,400 average. He’s had two crops race; Goldsmith Maid winner Smexi and Pinkman are a couple of his better freshmen. His son Datsyuk upset Father Patrick in the Tompkins Geers. Sunglow, a half-sister to Glowngold, is the only one to sell for $50,000 or more, and she sold for just that--$50,000. That’s not good. And, to make matters worse, 25 of the 38 sold, or 66%, brought $25,000 or less. Explosive Matter, the first high profile son of Cantab Hall to hit the stallion ranks, started out in 2010 for $7,500 at Hanover. That fee was dropped to $6,000 in 2013, but moved back up to $7,500 this year.

Kadabra sold 38 yearlings for an average of $43,211. The colts averaged more than $22,000 while the fillies averaged more than $58,000. Five—all fillies—sold for more than $100,000. As is their custom, his syndicate members stepped up and invested $135,000 in a sister to Swan In A Million. (They paid $400,000 for a filly out of Pizza Dolce at Lexington Selected.) And Determination Montreal put up $165,000 for a filly out of Emmylou Who. Eleven, or 29%, brought at least $50,000. Twenty, or 53% sold for $25,000 or less; the top end success notwithstanding, that’s a high number. Last year 20 averaged about the same as this. Nineteen averaged almost $68,000 in Lexington. He was second overall in the OSS to Muscle Mass; he led in the two colt divisions.

Lucky Chucky sold 16 at Harrisburg for an average of $28,250. Only one, a half-sister to I’m The Answer, topped $50.000; she sold for $75,000. Half the offering brought $25,000 or less. Chucky sold twice as many at this sale last year, in his first go round, and they averaged about 13% more. A dozen sold in Lexington for a $30,000 average. Chucky stands in New York for $7,500. He was third overall in the NYSS; Nunkeri, Mambo Blue Chip and Gabe The Bear Dean were a few of his better ones. He hasn’t impressed on the Grand Circuit.

Manofmanymissions, selling his first crop, this one Ontario eligible, averaged $24,300 for 20 sold. One of each topped $50,000, while 15 of them sold for $25,000 or less. He now stands in Ohio for $5,500.

Muscle Hill averaged $64,290 for 31 sold. The fact that they are New Jersey eligible certainly wasn’t a point in his favor. There were twice as many colts sold and the results were extremely colt centric. A colt out of the Conway Hall mare, Brooklyn, brought $390,000. And three others topped $100,000. The 21 colts averaged $84,000 while the 10 fillies averaged less than $23,000. Big difference. Fifteen of the 21 colts sold for at least $50,000; none of the fillies brought anything close to $50,000. Last year 23 by Muscle Hill averaged $67,543 at this sale. In Lexington 26 Muscle Hills averaged more than $70,000. Trixton and Mission Brief, to name two, kept his name alive.

Muscle Massive sold 31 from his second crop for an average of a shade under $25,000. The sire of Gatka Hanover, Cruzado Dela Noche and Speak To Me sold five for at least $50,000—all colts. The colts averaged $32,000 while the fillies only averaged $15,000.

Nineteen-year-old Muscles Yankee, who now stands in New York for ten, sold 16 for an average of $32,400. A half-brother to Honor And Serve brought $100,000 and one other colt topped $50,000. Ten of them failed to sell for more than $25,000.

RC Royalty, the sire of 2013 Hambletonion and Dan Patch winner Royalty For Life, sold ten for an impressive average of $52,500. The son of Credit Winner, who stands in New York for $6,000, made his first hundred thousand dollar sale and moved half of his offering for at least $50,000.

Rock N Roll Heaven sold 23 from his second crop for an average of $36,804. This is down 23% from last year when 35 averaged almost $45,000. The filly Sassa Hanover, who led her division in the NYSS and won splits of the ISS and Bluegrass as well as the Matron, was the star of the first crop. Band Of Angels and Heavenly Bride also impressed. The colts failed to step up. Eleven yearlings by Heaven averaged $50,000 in Lexington, but only 11 sold, as opposed to 28 last year, and that average was off 27%. Fourteen of the 23 just sold in Harrisburg, or better than 60%, failed to top $25,000.

Heaven’s sire, the late Rocknroll Hanover, sold 28 for an average of $31,200. A colt out of Laughandbehappy brought $130,000, and four other colts topped $50,000.

(to be continued)

Joe FitzGerald


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