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Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Michigan Phoenix and a Non-starter

So much for being banished forever.  As rumored, the standardbreds will return to Hazel Park in 2015 for a 16 day meet (October 2 - November 21) racing Fridays and Saturdays.  Mind you sixteen days is not much when you consider the number of days they raced in the past, but when you were told to 'hit the road and not come back', you take what you get and take it happily.

Northville Downs, which was rumored to have financial problems which may have resulted in its closing requested race dates and was given 44 days which will be run twice a week during the late winter and early spring.  Racing less dates than even Hazel Park will be Sports Creek Raceway with a whopping 10 days at the end of the year.   This means there will be 70 racing dates for the standardbreds in 2015.   Well, if there is any consolation, Michigan has more racing days than Kentucky.

What about Jackson Raceway?  As of now, it has not been given a license to operate primarily due to a lack of financial backing to guarantee the purses for the requested 28 day meet.  Other objections the MGCB had was the lack of a simulcast agreement as well as Jackson Raceway not being a licensed racetrack.  The last two objections can probably be addressed easily, however getting the financing to ensure purses are paid seems to be a huge hurdle.

Of course, those connected with Jackson Raceway may appeal the decision of the MGCB and ask them to reconsider their application but it is unknown of such a request will be made.

For those of you who followed the Breeders Cup, there is a good chance you are done gambling for the weekend but if you are still looking for racing action today, there are a few harness tracks operating today.  Scarborough, Saratoga, and Harrah's are providing the afternoon action with Dover Downs, Balmoral Park, and Cal Expo providing the evening/night time action.  Note today is Cal Expo's first Sunday night card of the season; the first Sunday in a couple of years.  Depending on your ADW, you may find some Canadian action at Flamboro Downs and Rideau Carleton in Ontario while Western Canada has Alberta and Fraiser Downs racing.

Have a Great Sunday.

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