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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Briefs

Hot Shot Blue Chip has been retired.  This 8 year old trotter was certainly well known during his racing career for his inconsistency.  As  a youngster, racing could have made a fortune accepting bets as to whether or not this speedy youngster was going to stay flat or jump off-stride.  Everyone knew he had the ability; he just seemed to have a mind of his own and he would do what he would do.  Despite all this, HSBC managed to earn over $1 million in his career.  

HSBC is heading for retirement at trainer Jonas Czerynson's farm. I wish HSBC the best in retirement. 

Plainridge Racecourse opens their 2014 meet tomorrow and I must admit, I will be passing for a week or two until sometime of form develops.  Talking about a local circuit, 28 horses in the 10 races on tap are making their first pari-mutuel start.  Maybe these races provide good value opportunities, but it is not my cup of tea.  That being said, one good sign is out of the ten races, seven have full fields; a change from last year where short fields was the order of business.

Kentucky has decided starting August 1 to tax winnings through ADWs at a rate of 1/2%   Really?  While not particularly onerous, what's the sense.of taxing those betting off-track versus those wagering on-track.  Rather than use the stick, why not use the carrot and pay a bonus to those who wager on-track?

Meanwhile, Churchill Downs is in a battle with horsemen at the Fairgrounds in Louisiana, regarding the condition of the facility.  Horsemen feel CDI has done little capital spending there, allowing the backstretch and video screen fall into disrepair.  CDI's response, horsemen need to understand the shift in wagering to off-track with declining attendance.  Perhaps that is the case, but if you are still allowing customers to come to the track, shouldn't the video screen be working?

The importance of the Fairgrounds story?  This is a story you are going to hear at harness tracks all around the country.  Why fix customer sections of the plant up if so few people are going to show up>

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