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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blue Chip and Levy Selections

Well, it is time for me to come up with my selections for the George Morton Levy Memorial Pace and Blue Chip Matchmaker Pacing Series finals being contested tonight at Yonkers Raceway.  Of course, the big question will be can Foiled Again be beaten?  The answer is of course he can, but the question is if anyone is going to be the sacrificial lamb to take it to him early?

With these series and their respective consolations, we see how coupled entries can take good races and kill them for bettors, especially with the big stables seemingly flooding the entry box for these stakes races.  It is time for the NYGCB to join other states and allow for the uncoupling in major stakes races.

So who do I like?  Let's take a look:

9th Pace - $371,400 - Blue Chip Matchmaker Pacing Series Final - F&M FFA
1  Rocklamation (pp. 3, Gingras, 5-1) - Nipped at the wire last week after winging it.  Must be close to the action to have a chance.
1A  Summertime Lea (pp. 8, Kakaley, 8-1) - Showed powerful kick from this post last week in moderate fractions.  This race should go faster.  Tough spot.
2  Anrovette (pp 4, Tetrick, 3-1) - Certainly looks to be a lock in the money.  Must play in exotics.
2A  Krispy Apple (pp 5, Bartlett, 3-1) - Will need a rail trip to be a factor.  Don't see.
3  Somewheroverarainbow (pp 1, Sears, 9-5) - Draws the favorited rail position and will use it to her advantage.  Threat.
4  Yagonnakissmeorwhat (pp 2, Dube, 8-5) - Winner of last three in this series.  The question is who can stop her?  Not sure there is one.
5  Feeling You (pp 6, Buter, 10-1) - Not likely from out here.  A toss.
6  Angels Delight (pp 7, Brennan, 15-1) - Best efforts are from the outside.  Don't rule out.  Live longshot.
Selections: The logical play is Yagonnakissmeorwhat but at 8-5 in a race like this, I rather try to beat her.  I will go with Angels Delight who at 15-1 is worth a look.  Don't see her really winning but with money on the line, something silly can occur.  Will box the 4-6 exacta and play #6 to win if stays above 12-1.  Looking for Androvette to complete the triple.

11th Pace - $567,000 - George Morton Levy Memorial Series - FFA
1  PH Supercam (pp 2, Bartlett, 5-1) - Winner last week from post 6.  Hasn't raced the best from inside posts.  Consider in exotics, but not a likely winner.
1A  Mach It So (pp 8, Tetrick, 5-1) - Winner of 3 legs and seems to race well from outside,  Chance if pressure applied against favorite.
2  Foiled Again (pp 3, Gingras, 3-5) - Toss last start.  If he gets front unchallenged, the race is over.  Likely a question of victory by how much.
2A Bettor's Edge (pp 6, Brennan, 3-5) - Has the ability to go with leader but don't think he will challenge.  Will pick up the pieces after #2.
3  Sapphire City (pp 1, Carlson, 15-1) - Close a couple of times but rail not his strong point.  Pass.
4  Texican N (pp  4, Sears, 20-1) - Lacks closing kick.  Destined to be an also ran.  Pass.
5  Apprentice Hanover (pp 5, Jamieson, 8-1) - Good showing thus far in series; better than looks.  Reasonable upset chance if unexpected happens.
6  Dancin Yankee (pp 7, Pierce, 5-1) - Winner from this post but will have to out gun Foiled Again for the lead.  Not too likely.  May get chewed up.  Use with risk.
Selections: Well, Foiled Again is the likely winner but at 3-5 ML, what's the sense.  If you think he can be beat, who do you feel has the best chance?  I like Apprentice Hanover.  I will likely play a little on Apprentice Hanover.  Will look at Foiled Again, Apprentice Hanover and PH Supercam for the triple; likely a key.

Of course, there are other ideas as well.  You can check out the selections of the 15 Handicappers in the Grand Circuit Shoot Out for more selections.

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