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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Accepting Women Drivers; Meet Broken-Hearted Gino.

Meet Hannah McCabe, a junior driver in New Zealand.  Hannah is trying to make it in harness racing and has been given the support of some of the best in harness racing, including Dexter Dunn, the leading driver in New Zealand.  The profile story regarding Hannah talks about what she has gone through to get to the point she's at.  Unfortunately, you won't see many stories in North America about women drivers being given opportunities to drive.  Granted, Australasia has a junior driver handicap which makes it beneficial to get grooms in the sulky which tend to be women but North America harness racing is in the stone age when compared to the runners who welcome women riders.

Not encouraging women drivers in given up not only marketing opportunities, but is so old school. Standardbred racing needs to find a way to not only get in the sulky, but accept them as well.    

Live in Tornado Alley?  Here's an article about building a safe room for your horse(s).

Finally, if there is anything I am a sucker for besides horses, is dogs.  Meet Gino, a cute, loving, pitt mix pup who is being cared for by Brooklyn Animal Action (yes, they rescued him).  As you can see from the picture, Gino has quite a personality.  They were all set to place Gino in a new forever home when it was discovered that Gino has a congenital heart condition which will keep him from living a full life.

Brooklyn Animal Action is in the process of fundraising for the surgery and care Gino will need to treat his condition and they are more than half way towards their goal.  If you have the means and desire to make a donation of any size, please consider making a donation by visiting this site.

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