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Friday, April 4, 2014

Shafted in Saskatchewan

When most newspapers write editorials regarding horse racing, they tend to be against it; often calling for subsidies to be yanked for other programs.  An exception would be in Saskatchewan, where the press in Yorktown is criticizing the Saskatchewan provincial government for its treatment of harness racing.  Not only do they point out the 5-1 benefit the economy gets for what it would cost the province to keep racing going, they object to the way the province picked a winner (thoroughbred racing) and a loser (harness racing).

  • A mere $200,000 would keep harness racing going.  $200,000 would mean $1 million in economic benefits.
  • Let's not kid ourselves, $200,000 is chump change.A small amount from various programs could have came up with the $200,000.
  • Why did the SLGA give Marquis Downs (thoroughbred racing) the home market for the entire province, yet not give Yorktown any market for off-track wagering?  Where is the analysis which shows the province could only have one home market instead of two?  I think the standardbred horsemen deserve a reason why they were cut out, not just it was a done deal.

I think the standardbred horsemen are owed an explanation from the province.  Unfortunately, they probably won't get it.


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