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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Musings

Regis The Horse, partially owned by Regis Philbin (5%, so he is not listed in the program as he is a minority owner) is once again racing live on Fox Sports 1's The Crowd Goes Wild in the first race from Harrington Raceway with the race scheduled to go off at 5:35pm.  Regis is 3-1 in the morning line.  Will he win once again?  Check out Fox Sports 1 and find out.

To no one's surprise, the trainer charged by Stillwater, NY police for allegedly abusing a horse has been suspended immediately and indefinitely by the NYGC.  If convictd of the charge, he is subject to a fine and/or up to one year in jail.   

On September 23, Chantal Sutherland Kruse, the renowned and now un-retired jockey will be time-trialing at the Meadows DW's NY Yank in an effort to break the North American RUS record of 1:59 1/5 on a 5/8ths mile oval.  Clearly a publicity move as was having Julie Krone ride Moni Maker at The Red Mile back in 1998.  Clearly, with Chantal riding the horse, the race will get more publicity, but in some ways I think it is a slap in the face to the women who have been trying to introduce RUS to North America.   My opinion is they should have asked the RUS rider with the most wins or best URR to take the mount.  If the fear was they didn't have enough experience, get one of the leading RUS riders from Europe who speaks English to come over for the ride.  Alas, it is th owner and trainer's perrogative to decide to ride.

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