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Sunday, August 11, 2013

All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

Today I have the urge to play some harness racing so I look at my ADW, 4NJBETS(TVG) to see what is available.  Let's see, on their menu today are: Balmoral Park, Harrah's Philadelphia, Raceway Park, Running Aces, and Tioga Downs.  Well, I am looking for day time action so Balmoral, Raceway Park, and Running Aces are out, leaving me Harrah's or Tioga Downs.

Well, I don't do to well at Harrah's so they get tossed; that leaves me with Tioga Downs.  Unfortunately, while I like Tioga Downs, New York has their silly (for the bettor) policy of racing their second-tier Excelsior races with their top tier NYSS.  So excluding the two Empire Breeders Classic races which I will play, six of the remaining nine races are NYSS races of one type or another.  Punt.

Is there any other daytime racing available anywhere?  Excluding fairs, there is Batavia Downs, Scarborough Downs and some Canadian tracks.  Only problem is they are not offered by 4NJBETS and in New Jersey, it is 4NJBETS or nothing.

Damn, I really wanted to the trotters this afternoon.  But there is nothing available, to me.  If I had access to Twin Spires I could be playing Charlottetown Driving Park, Scarborough Downs, Batavia Downs,  and/or Alberta Downs this afternoon.  If I started early enough, I could have played Vaggeryd and Bollnas in Sweden. (I miss my Swedish racing on 4NJBETS). 

Good thing Fraiser Downs isn't racing yet.  TVG offers Fraiser Downs, but they aren't able to offer them in NJ because there is no simulcast agreement approved in NJ for Fraiser Downs; that would have been the ultimate tease.

So thanks to protectionist legislation and business decisions not to carry a signal for one reason or another, I feel like I am all dressed up with nowhere to go. 

I guess I'll go read a book.

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