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Saturday, August 17, 2013

HUH? Super Saturday Selections

I think the horsemen of Ontario, both thoroughbred and standardbred should invite Windsor Judge Steve Rogin to the racetrack of his choice for dinner and give him $100 with the provision he wagers it during the night.  Then perhaps Rogin will realize why he is the leading candidate for the WTF Award.

For those who are glutton for punishment, here are my Super Saturday selections for Saturday night's card at Pocono Downs.  The reason why I say glutton for punishment is the way my selections have been going in a drought that has been far too long, you likely have way to much faith in me or you want to see what to avoid.  I am providing the selections just in case a miracle occurs and I actually do well for the evening.  Either way, you have been warned. 

Let's see if Captaintreacherous can win now that I picked him.

I am listing my top four selections so you may play Trifecta and Superfecta wagers if you desire but there is no way I will play those wagers as the rake is far too high.  Without further ado, here are my abbreviated picks:

  1st - 3-6-1-4
  2nd - 7-5-4-6
  3rd - 4-7-1-3
  4th - 4-2-1-8
  5th - 2-5-8-4
  6th - 6-1-2-5
  7th - 4-6-1-3
  8th - 2-1-3-8
  9th - 1-2-9-5
10th - 9-2-6-3
11th - 2-4-7-8
12th - 4-1-8-6
13th - 5-1-4-8
14th - 2-7-9-5

As an added bonus (if you can call it that), here are my selections for the Joe Gerrity Jr FFA at Saratoga Raceway: 5-4-1-2.  Yep, I am going against Foiled Again and Bolt The Duer for the win spot.  

If you really are looking for selections, why not see what the handicappers in HANA Harness' 2013 Grand Circuit Handicapping Contest are selecting for the big three races at Pocono Downs, the 2yo events at Mohawk, the FFAllers at Saratoga, and the Canadian Little Brown Jug at Red Shores Charlottetown?    

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