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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Miscellanery

Most of us have read the reports where Jeff Gural has talked about the success of the Meadowlands this past year, but we haven't heard him say it directly.  Here is an interview with Jeff Gural when he appeared on NJ Today.  Here is your chance to hear him explain things himself.

Out west, negotiations are continuing between Cal Expo and Los Alamitos regarding the share of simulcasting revenue each track gets.  Currently, every dollar bet on simulcasting at Cal Expo is split 29%-71% with 29% going to Cal Expo.  A more equitable deal could allow purses to raise 30% at Cal Expo.  Clearly the standardbred interests got hammered at the negotiation table when the original rule was developed..  Negotiations continue.

In the meanwhile, the CHHA already has an agreement with Watch and Wager regarding exchange wagering.  Hence all which is needed is approval of the CHRB and we are off to the races.

 Clearly Arch Madness has seen his best days.  This weekend he gets a break as he faces a field of local Open Trotters at Vernon Downs in the first race as he is assigned post position five in the five horse field.  If he doesn't win this week, it may be time to consider retiring the trotter.

The Zweig Filly stakes on Sunday at Vernon looks like a race between Mistery Woman and Frau Blucher.  In the Open Zweig MEmorial, Smiling Eli, Corky, and Royalty For Life look to make the race one humdinger.  Makes sure you catch the race on Sunday evening.

Earlier in the day on Sunday at Tioga is the 4th leg of the Ms Versatility Trot.  To me, I think I would go with Cedar Dove although she has only one victory this year.

Some good racing this Saturday at Mohawk with the eliminations for the Canadian Pacing Derby, featuring some of the best FFA horses in North America.  Other than the Pacing Derby, 2yos are the feature action on Saturday night in eliminations for the She's A Great Lady and the Metro stakes.

Did your kids go to camp this summer and go pony riding?  Well depending on where you live, that little horse which brought joy to your child all summer may be going for one last trip as D.R. Chambers and Sons, Inc. is having their Camp Horse sale on August 30.  You see many camps buy horses before camp begins and at the end of the camp season, they unload them at these sales where a good number of them will end up going to slaughter.  Few camps keep their horses and use them year after year or provide them a good home when they are no longer usable.  So if you send your kids to camp, and they have horseback riding, ask where the horses come and where they are kept after the season.  If they don't give you a satisfactory answer, it is time to look at the next camp.  If enough people were to do this, camps may learn to take responsibility of their horses all year or get rid of horseback riding all together..

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