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Saturday, June 29, 2013

What an Intrepid Harness Racing Reporter Does for a Story

Posttime host Heather Vitale will be sure to see this video when she is eventually inducted into the Communicator's Corner of the HOF; that is provided she hasn't destroyed all the copies of the video.

All kidding aside, other than her pride, Heather was unscathed from the incident.  What Heather won't due to get the latest stories which is why she's a shoo-in to eventually be inducted in the Communicator's Corner of the Hall of Fame.  One of the things I loved about the incident is she didn't lose a beat when she went down and had a comeback line, never losing her sense of humor.

Just the same, here is hoping her co-host from PA Harnessweek doesn't catch wind of this tape because Steve Ross is sure not to let it go without a mention.

I wish the industry could find a place to use Heather on the grand stage of harness racing.  She should be an automatic choice for broadcasting teams for the Hambletonian, and Breeders Crown as she would be able to put together excellent feature stories.  I am not one for displacing anyone from a current job but if the broadcast team at the Little Brown Jug was expanded or someone stepped down, I would hope she would seriously be considered.  While we are at it, wouldn't it be nice if Sam McKee didn't have to carry the whole show at The Red Mile?

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