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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Miscellanery

Great news for RUS racing.  On the biggest night of racing, short of Breeders Crown night), there will be a RUS event at Pocono Downs to kick-off the RUS season for 2013.  It is an endorsement of RUS racing that Pocono Downs will off the event on a marquee evening.

Meanwhile, kudos to the PHHA, MSBOA, and PAHBPA for donating $700,000 towards the purchase of new equipment to be used for drug testing,  This equipment will allow Penn State to improve their testing for illicit drugs

Tonight is another leg of the 2013 Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge and the handicappers are focusing in on the two entries.  While they see the races as a lock, I am not so sure it is.  Make no mistake these entries are the likely winners, but there is still enough question to allow another horse to possibly cross the wire first  Value is the key here,

The DRF asks some trainers what to look for when wagering two year olds.  This is important as the first two year olds start making their pari-mutuel debuts.  One thing I don't understand is how certain tracks will put two year olds in against older horses.  But as bad as it is when race secretaries card those types of races, trainers do their babies a disservice when they drop them in these races.  They would be better off sending their babies to tracks where two year olds compete against each other.

Herve Fillion may have retired from active racing, but he hasn't hung up his colors for good.  He will be racing at Goshen in the Hall of Fame Trot on July 7.

A casino operator calls Poker not a game of skill despite what many people say.  I understand what he is saying, after all the dealing of cards is random.  It becomes a game of bluffing.  Sheldon Adelson also opposes online gaming as it is taking advantage of gamblers.  Even though Las Vegas will be offering online gaming soon, he will not allow his casinos to participate.  The article is an interesting read.

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