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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Treating the Customer Badly

If you ever thought the customer was treated badly in harness racing, then you probably don't want to read Dean Tower's column in HRU today; it will boil your blood.  I know with respect to the Fair Start Rule it got mine going.  Good thing he lives in Canada, at least there they have a Fair Start Pole.  His friends would have really been shaking their heads if they watched the races from an American track and a horse broke stride as soon as the car started moving and there was no refund; how would Towers have explained that?

The next time track operators bemoan the lack of customers, they should remember how badly they treat their customers.  What makes it worse is they abuse them with the permission of the regulators. 

Could instant racing becoming to New Jersey?  It would be if State Assemblyman Ronald Dancer gets his way.  Assembly Bill A-4312 would allow instant racing at racetracks, OTW locations, and casinos (provided they give racing a share of the revenue). The legislation would dictate that instant racing machines is pari-mutuel machine and not to be considered slots and limit the retention rate to a maximum of 20% with 16% of the retention rate going to purses.  An interesting portion of the bill would permit instant racing to be simulcasted out of state with wagers being co-mingled.  Whether this bill gets anywhere remains to be seen.

The Hambletonian will be raced at the Meadowlands under a contract extension with New Meadowlands Racing LLC and the Hambletonian Society.  The contract keeps the Hambletonian in New Jersey through the year 2018.

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