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Thursday, June 13, 2013

North America Cup Night Analysis

Making this brief, here are my selections for the big five races Saturday night at Mohawk Racetrack.  The Pepsi North America Cup has the potential of being one hum-dinger.  Even if you don't bet the race, it is a must watch event; possibly one of the top five races of 2013 when the year is over.

Who do I like in the NA Cup?  The top contenders are pretty equal and there are a couple of questions to be answered.  To me, the race is worth a shot at an upset.  Take a look for yourself as to who I like.

2 -- Trot, purse $271,470; ARMBRO FLIGHT - FINAL - FILLIES & MARES.
   1 Intense America (Filion, 10-1) - Should be overtaken early on in race; won't wire.               
   2 Personal Style (Miller, 3-1) -  Won his elim in bold style.  A factor here.                 
   3 Maven (Gingras, 1-1) - Another one who won in bold style last race.  The one to beat but odds poor.              
   4 Smarty Pants  (Zeronm 40-1) - Needs to be up front early to contend; doubt it.
   5 Cedar Dove (Pierce, 5-1) - Should be tighter.  Consider for minor upset.                   
   6 China Pearls (Waples, 10-1) - Likely faltering late.                  
   7 Daylon Miracle (Wall, 40-1) -Yes it would be if she wins.                  
   8 Unefoisdansmavie (Tetrick, 8-1)  - Will try to leave but may be outgunned at the start.                 
   9 Mystical Starlight (Jamieson, 15-1) - Not from out here.                  
  10 Bax Of Life (Christoforou, 40-1) - May land share with a trip.
Selections: 5-2-3-10               

3 -- Trot, purse $364,266; ELEGANTIMAGE - FINAL - 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES.
   1 Mistery Woman (Miller, 30-1) -Tough spot to race from; will get trapped.                
   2 Bee A Magician (Zeron, 1-1) - Going for fifth in a row; one to beat..                  
   3 Angies Lucky Star (Filion, 4-1) Will be going early to take this race.                
   4 Seeuinthespring (Macdonald, 25-1) - Expect her to head for the pylons and take a chance late.                
   5 To Dream On (Gingras, 9-2) -  Should be ready to fire.  Upset chance.                  
   6 Handover Belle (Lachance, 12-1) - Needs a trip to get involved.            
   7 Princess Lilly (Baillargeon, 8-1) - Second last two starts out.  Minor share likely.                   
   8 Rockin With Dewey (Waples, 25-1) - Jumped off in last; never a good sign.                
   9 Shared Past (Tetrick, 8-1)  - NJSS champion finished second in local debut.  Post hurts chances.
  10 Charmed Life (Macdonell, 40-1) - Will be praying for a speed duel up front as only chance. 
Selections: 3-9-7-5          

 5 -- Pace, purse $391,882; FAN HANOVER - FINAL - 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES.
   1 Love Canal (Mcnair, 15-1) -  May land share with move inside.                  
   2 Parlee Beach (Gingras, 15-1) - Has not shown she belongs with these.                 
   3 Pertty Music (Zeron, 25-1) - Pertty sure she won't be around at the end.                 
   4 I Luv The Nitelife (Tetrick, 4-5) - Clearly the one to beat but willing to accept 4-5?                   
   5 Wherethegirlsare (Palone, 20-1) - No chance in last, but will take a big effort to factor at all.                 
   6 Beach Of A Time (Miller, 25-1) - Pass here.                    
   7 Jettin Jamie (Waples, 15-1) - If looking for a bomb, this may be the one.  Consider.                   
   8 Jerseylicious (Callahan, 5-2) - NJSS runner-up should land in the exotics.               
   9 Belle Boyd  (Jamieson, 7-1) - Move outside will be a test of class here.  Not out of it.                  
  10 Nikki Beach ( Pierce, 15-1) - Post eliminates.
Selections: 7-4-1-8              

 7 -- Pace, purse $1,000,000; PEPSI NORTH AMERICA CUP XXX - FINAL - 3 YEAR OLDS.
   1 Apprentice Hanover (Jamieson, 20-1) - Showed he belongs here, but still a tough spot.  Consideer in exotics.               
   2 Vegas Vacation (Zeron, 5-2) - Elimination winner figures to be roughed up a little here.                
   3 Fool Me Once (Filion, 4-1) - Elimination winner has come into his own.  Could take it all.                   
   4 Captaintreacherous (Tetrick, 2-1) - Here is where it counts.  Repeat of Breeders Crown?                   
   5 Twilight Bonfire (Miller, 30-1) - Nothing to recommend.                  
   6 Wake Up Peter (Pierce, 8-1) - Winless this year but could this be time to wake up?  Maybe.                
   7 Sunshine Beach (Christoforou, 15-1) - If he gets a trip can get in exotics.                   
   8 Odds On Equuleus (Campbell, 8-1) - May be ready to fire at attractive odds.                   
   9 Captive Audience (Waples, 8-1) - A lot of speed inside.  Would need a suicide duel to get involved.                
  10 Martini Hanover(Palone, 25-1) - Shows a closing kick.  Not likely unless top picks do each other in.
Selections: 6-3-8-4                 

9 -- Trot, purse $225,276; GOODTIMES - FINAL - 3 YEAR OLDS.
   1 Rossini (Campbell, 9-2) - Tested for class here.  I'll pass.              
   2 Gotta Secret (Filion, 5-1) - Elimination winner must be respected.                 
   3 Denver (Gingras, 4-1) - Could take it with a faster pace; don't ignore.                  
   4 Bwt Taj (Henriksen, 20-1) - Qualified; a moral victory.  Pass.                  
   5 Toocool Forschool (Saftic, 7-2) - Winner of fastest elimination; the one to beat.                  
   6 Brewmaster  (Macdonald, 20-1) - Don't see but could land minor spoils.                  
   7 Hamdalla  (Miller, 9-2) - Got the lead late last week but couldn't hold it.  Lands share.
   8 Rolls Blue Chip (Waples, 20-1) - Could land minor spoils at best.                  
   9 Flanagan Memory (Christoforou, 5-1) - Finished second to Toocool.  Repeats?                  
  10 Caveat Emptor (Schnittker, 12-1 ) - Buyer beware but believe you can pass on this one.              
Selections: 5-9-2-3

Pick-5 comes to Yonkers Raceway:  Starting tomorrow night, Yonkers introduces the Pick-5.  The wager is a must hit wager in that there is no consolation payoff.  On Mondays and Tuesdays, the Pick-5 has a guaranteed $10,000 pool.       

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