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Saturday, June 8, 2013

News and Picks

Today is Belmont Stakes Day (as if you didn't know this).  I have to wonder why the North American Cup is competing against the Belmont Stakes.  Yes, they are two different breeds of racing, but when you have everyone focused on the Belmont, you are already starting with a depleted (i.e., tapped out) fan base.

 After all the speculation that Pennsylvania was going to be the State to allow Walter Case, Jr. back in the racing bike, it now appears they ill be unwilling to be the first state to license Case.    I find it ironic the state which gave a disgraced driver a second chance will be the one to keep Case out of the sulky.  As I said before, put Case on a tight leash if you must, but give him a chance to prove himself rehabilitated.

A full field of ten are set to meet the start tomorrow in The Artiscape at Tioga Downs.  what could be a good wagering event has become a ho-hum event because there are only six wagering interests, thanks to a five horse entry.  One day New York regulators will wake up and allow these horses to race as separate entries.

Here are my selections for tomorrow's Artiscape and Roll With Joe stakes at Tioga Downs.  Horses are listed in post position order.

5th Tioga Downs; Pace - $158,000; The Artiscape - Open Mares  
   2  Feeling You (Buter, 5-2) - Has been good all along.  Last week shows she belongs with these; consider.
   3  Big McDeal (Jamieson, 12-1) - Yet to show form from last year.  When  she does it will be at a price.
   1  Bettor B Lucky (Brennan, 8-5) - Threat with a trip.
1A  Ginger And Fred (Miller, 8-5) -  Appears to me to be a little over her head here.
   4  Androvette (Tetrick, 3-1) - Classy mare can never be discounted.  Might get a decent price here.
   5  Drop The Ball (Callahan, 5-1) - Has yet to strut her stuff this year.
1B  Rocklamation (Gingras, 8-5) -  Has vanquished some good ones.  Must not ignore.
   6  Royal Cee Cee N (Pierce, 10-1) - Shows signs of brilliance at time; will this be one of them?
1C  Economy Terror (Morrill, 8-5) - Draws poorly.  Wait for better post.
1D  Camille (Kakaley, 8-5) -  Tough spot to compete against this caliber.  Pass.
Selections: 4-2-1

9th Tioga Downs; Pace - $184,000; Roll With Joe - Open Horses
   2  A Rocknroll Dance (Campbell, 12-1) - Hmm, gets the rail at 12-1?  A shocker in development?
   3  Golden Receiver (Tetrick, 3-1) - May land a share but I don't see him winning.
   4  Betterthancheddar (Brennan, 5-1) - A sharp return.  Bounce or victory?  Your guess.
   5  Rockincam (Sears, 12-1) - Have my doubts.  Pass.
   1  Sweet Lou (Gingras, 5-2) - Roughed it up and just missed in last.  Any better trip wins.
1A  Foiled Again (Kakaley, 5-2) - Is not the same horse .  Will win his share but doubt this is one of them.
   6  Aracache Hanover (Mcnair, 15-1) - Puzzled with last drive.  Don't see a better drive.
   7  Warrawee Needy (Jamieson, 6-1) - Don't see him coming through.
   8  Sapphire city (Pierce, 15-1) - Will be hard pressed to get involved.
   9  Pet Rock (Miller, 6-1) - Eligible to improve off last but post hurts.
Selections: 2-1-3

Just a note:  Tomorrow night at Vernon Downs, the Empire Breeders Classic for fillies and colts will be contested.  If you like state breds, these may be races worth looking at.

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