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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brief Briefs

Looking at the Hambletonian/Breeders Crown Poll for this week I had to have a chuckle.  There was one vote for Tracys Shadow.  Now to be fair, this was not a first place vote.  I loved the Tracys Shadow story as much as anyone else (she has since gone down to defeat) and granted at the time the voter voted for her, she was 18 for 19 this year, but to put a $7,500 claimer on the list?  I have no doubt if the top horses had raced more by now, the voter wouldn't have voted for the now 18 for 20 mare, but still, was this taking the 'favorite son' policy a little to far?

There is an interesting race at Tioga Downs on Friday night in the fourth race, a race which would be pretty routine if not for the additional condition attached to the race for Fillies & Mares N/w $1,601 Last 5 Starts or N/w $13,500 in 2012/13 with 15 or more starts.  The race is being called the  "Old Sulky Race" with an added condition mandating older race bikes being used (not conventional sulkies).  It will be interesting to see how much slower the race will go than usual. 

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