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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Miscellanery

Attendees to this Sunday's National Standardbred Horse Show in Allentown, NJ may be surprised to see a few familiar faces competing.  Amongst the most recognizable of horses are: Master Pine, Rare Jewel, and some horse named Won The West.  Yes, that Won The West.  While I won't be able to attend this year's show, it is a great time and the weather is supposed to be Sunny and fall-like with tempratures in the 70's.  If you are in the vicinity, why not head on over and enjoy the day.

Michigan Harness Racing Gets Press - The story about the four Michigan drivers suing the MCGB for violating their fifth ammendment rights has made it to the newspapers in Michigan.  What is that they say about there is no such thing as bad press?  I don't think this saying applies here. 

A Standardbred Hunt Meet - Here is something you don't see on this side of the pond, a hunt-style harness race conducted over a temporary course on the grass.  Eighteen starters in two tiers in what was an exciting race.

The winner of the Green Trophy at Caron was Souverain D'Aimte, a seven year old mare who completed the course in 3:42.18 (kilometer rate of 1:20.06).
Impress Your Friends at the Water Cooler -  Not only is September 19, Jugette Day, it is also International Sound Like a Pirate Day.  Start practicing your pirate dialogue.  

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