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Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Brass Ones at Monticello

I will say one thing about the horsemen at Monticello, they got big ones.  Back in April in Harnesslink, there was an article where they talked about the kill buyers having free reign on the backstretch of the track, buying horses who no longer were competitive.  As a result of that, management evicted these horse dealers from the backstretch and declared there is a zero tolerance policy in place.  Problem solved right?

Not really, those who really wanted to get rid of unproductive horses still found a way to get rid of them, but I guess it has been too inconvenient for the horsemen, taking time out of their busy day to unload these horses.  So, in a case of ultimate chutzpa, the local horsemen's association is petitioning racetrack management and the NYSRWB seeking to get the very same unlicensed people back on the backstretch so horsemen can get rid of those horses no longer suitable for racing more easily.

These horsemen have no shame do they?

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