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Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Pena News; Wishful Thinking

In case you missed it, Harnesslink has an article where Lou Pena claims to feel very optimistic regarding his recently concluded hearing with the NYSRWB regarding his suspension from racing.  What gives Pena such confidence?  The testimony of the two vets who testified on his behalf in showing how the drugs should have been detected at least some of the times. 

Personally, I think this article was spin on the part of Mr. Pena.  The best outcome he could expect from the hearing officer and the NYSRWB is the waiving the requirement of to return $2.5 million in purse winnings, based on the lack of any positives for the substances tested for.  Otherwise, I expect his license to be revoked.  For whether or not the records are treatment or billing records doesn't matter.  For if they are billing records and Pena paid the bills, it would indicate the treatments took place; after all do you pay for what you didn't have done?

This is not to say racing has seen the last of Lou Pena.  While I don't expect the NYSRWB to lift their revocation of Pena on their own, the courts may have a different view of things regarding the methodology taken in obtaining the records and their validity.  The courts may give Pena the relief he seeks.

Wishful Thinking - With Saratoga Harness Racing Inc. in the process of buying 30% of Ellis Park, they will take over responsibility for day-to-day operations of the Kentucky thoroughbred track. In addition to operating the racino (they have Instant Racing machines), Saratoga Harness has the option to buy 50 to 100% of the stock. Wouldn't it be great as part of their involvement in Ellis Park if Saratoga Harness introduced harness racing to the Henderson, Kentucky oval? Don't hold your breathe. Obviously, Saratoga's hope is Instant Racing machines today, regular slots tomorrow.  But we can hope can't we?  After all, for a state with the reputation of Kentucky, the amount of harness racing in the state is woefully lacking.


JLB said...

Newcomers to the sport may not realize that, in addition to The Red Mile, Kentucky has a long history of harness racing, including the defunct tracks Audubon Raceway, Latonia (now named Turfway Park for the thoroughbreds), and the stylish Louisville Downs, founded and run by the Dunkin' Donuts entrepreneur Bill Rosenberg. While Audubon and Latonia were not first-class tracks, Louisville Downs featured top cards and, if memory serves me correctly, a $ 300,000 Kentucky Pacing Derby.

Pacingguy said...

I remember Louisville Downs. One day I did the Red Mile-Louisville Downs doubleheader which was not exactly as easy to accomplish being how late the Red Mile raced that day.

Now, with the exception of the Red Mile, your pari-mutuel meets are at Thunder Ridge Raceway and Players Bluegrass Downs; not exactly top quality racing. Of course, outside of the Grand Circuit meeting, the quality of the Red Mile isn't exactly as stellar as one would think either, though certainly better than the other two tracks.

JLB said...

My Grand Circuit doubleheaders were Red Mile-Lebanon Raceway. The latter will be moving from its current location with the new slots deal in Ohio.

Renee Mancino said...

I'm sorry, but legally the NYSRWB has no standing for mandating return of the alleged $2.5 million.

Check the Complaint, there is nothing anywhere there or in the law that permits them to seek those monies back under the charges they have levied.

Pacingguy said...

Renee, glad to hear you check in on this subject. I will defer to you with regards to the legalize, but I concur. If there was no positive, how can you ask for the money back?