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Monday, September 10, 2012

Don't Come to the Dance if You Aren't Planning to Stay

News comes that the connections of Bolt the Duer may be coming to the Jug with no intentions of racing in the second heat no matter how he does in the elimination.  As far as I am concerned, the racing secretary should call trainer Pete Foley up and suggest they time trial the horse at Delaware instead of racing in the Little Brown Jug.  If you aren't planning to stay at the dance, don't bother showing up.  The conditions of the Little Brown Jug call for a second heat and so the fact a horse has to race more than once in an afternoon shouldn't be a divine revelation to anyone.  If a horse's connections are not prepared to race in the second heat if they advance,  then they shouldn't show up because all you are doing is cheapening the race, making a mockery of tradition and disappointing the fans.  To allow someone to tarnish a race for their own commercial benefit should not be allowed.   

Unfortunately, we have similar sentiments expressed at times regarding the Kentucky Futurity, another multi-heat race.  It is one thing if a horse gets sick or goes lame and scratches out of a second heat but to scratch out just because someone doesn't want to race in a second heat is inexcusable.  A horse's connections know the conditions of the race before they make the first payment.  If they are unwilling to agree to the rules of the race, don't even make the first payment.

Sponsors of multi-heat races need to make a stand against this type of behavior by changing the conditions of their races so any purse money earned will be paid out only if a horse races in all heats they are eligible for unless a state veterinarian scratches the horse.  Racing commissions should come down on trainers who adopt a 'one and out' philosophy by citing them for failing to honor a declaration by handing out the heaviest fine possible.

I respect the opinions of those trainers or owners who think multi-heat races are an anarchism.  However, if they truly feel this way, they should stay away from these types of races.  Let those who have no problem with racing multiple heats compete without your horse.


Anonymous said...

if they pay to go in , then no one has the right to exclude them whether their intentions are to get a fast record on the half for the colt or not..

That Blog Guy said...

If they pay to go in they in effect are agreeing to the conditions of the race which in the case of the Jug means racing more than once in a day.