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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meadowlands Achieving It's Goal (Updated)

The Meadowlands is reporting their January numbers today and everything is going as planned by the new management team in place.  Attendance is up 17.8%; the on track handle on Meadowlands' races is up 24.45%; the handle on wagers placed at the Meadowlands on all races (live and imported) is up 9.2%; the total Meadowlands pool from all sources is up 0.6%.

The numbers are even better when you consider there are less races this year compared to last year and Meadowlands was closed two days for football this year versus one day last year.  The total amount wagered at the Meadowlands on all races, including imported races is up approximately 10% for the month.

Management's plan on getting the live patron back to the track and wagering is working thus far.  Considering this has been management's main priority, things are going swimmingly.

Yes, the all sources handle on Meadowlands races went up only 0.6% which means if not for the on-track increase, the handle would have dropped as the export of the Meadowlands signal resulted in a 2.4% loss.  Most of the loss of off-track wagering is coming from the West Coast because the Meadowlands tends to finish earlier than they have in the past; as the Meadowlands has taken the position of post time is post time unlike some other tracks and they are trying to improve the track experience by keeping the races moving.  Of course management always wants more wagering on their signal but remember a dollar bet on track is worth a lot more to the track and horsemen than the same dollar being  bet at a simulcast or ADW site. This is why the new management team's priority is to increase attendance and on track wagering.  They must be smiling this morning.

One month does not make a meet, but compared to last January, management at the Big M must be feeling pretty good right now,

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